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Developmental Core

The CWRU/UH CFAR Developmental Core provides support for innovative investigator-initiated HIV/AIDS- related clinical and basic science research activities through short term developmental grants. The grant program is coupled with a mandatory mentoring program, which is also administered by the Core. In addition to this one-on-one mentoring program, the Core also provides a series of mentoring workshops targeting CFAR developmental grant applicants/awardees, as well as underrepresented minorities. A unique peer-to-peer mentoring program involving junior CWRU CFAR faculty that takes advantage of teh already existing synergies between investigators is also being implemented. These mechanisms have proven to be successful in both significantly increasing the AIDS research activitiy with the CFAR and shaping major focus areas such as international collaborative studies and clinical and basic resaerch in AIDs malignancies. Finally, Developmental Core offers a travel stipend to graduate medical students who have submitted AIDS-related abstracts to national or international scientific meetings to offset in part travel/registration costs.

CWRU/UH CFAR Developmental Core programs:
1. Mentoring programs
2. Developmental Awards program
3. Graduate Student Travel Support Program

Core Director:

Jacek Skowronski, PhD:
(216)368-8930 or