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Center for
AIDS Research


Suggested Topics for Discussion

During the mentoring session, these topics may arise for discussion:

  • Research and Career Goals: Identify goals and strategies for success in HIV/AIDS research.
  • Think 'outside of the box'! How can you exploit emerging opportunities in HIV/AIDS research and NIH programs designed to support new investigations?
  • Publishing: Help in preparation, pre-review and responses to referees.
  • Grantsmanship, Contracts:  Setting up chalk talks to define specific aims.  Pre-review of grants.  Assistance in responding to referees.  Notification of relevant new opportunities.  “Creative thinking” on how to respond to RFAs.  Opportunities to participate in larger program projects and Center activities.
  • Achieving 'Feng Shui' and 'Karma': How to balance research requirements with teaching/service commitments, personal and career goals; how to acknowledge rejection and continue to progress.
  • CFAR Cores and Strategic Planning Groups: What these are, how can you maximize the effectiveness of your research.
  • Networking: Identifying internal and external sources for networking, how to facilitate contacts with other CFAR members, non-members

For more information on the Faculty Mentoring Program, please contact: Brinn Omabegho, CFAR Coordinator, at or call 216-368-3915.

A copy of the application may be obtained by clicking here.